Tiê is born in the Mantiqueira mountain range, in a region marked by an exuberant natural landscape, with mountains exceeding 2,000 meters in height, forested valleys and beautiful waterfalls. This natural wealth inspires us to reaffirm our deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

Guapiara Farm, from which Tiê takes wings and flies around the world, is located near the Environmental Preservation Area of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range and the Papagaio Mountain State Park, areas that are covered with Atlantic Forest, sheltering endangered specimens like the mono-carvoeiro (Brachyteles arachnoides).

During the years in which our cachaça production structure was taking shape, we opted for preserving much of the woodland and the highland fields that compose the farm area of the farm.

To reaffirm our strong commitment to the  preservation of the ecosystem, we created two

RPPNs (Private Natural Heritage Reserves): Aiuruoca Springs I and Aiuruoca Springs II.

The vegetation in these areas is untouched or in an advanced stage of regeneration, and are being integrated into the ecological corridors of preservation of the flora and fauna of the Aiuruoca region.

Caring for environmental preservation is part of Tiê’s nature, and our endeavors are carefully observed during every stage of production, from sugarcane planting to the transportation of the final product, especially regarding the preservation of springs and the monitoring of the quality of water, both of which are used with careful control. 

Preservation and reforestation in our RPPNs are part of the effort to ensure and perpetuate the exceptional quality of the region’s waters.